Features of MIHARAS

Agriculture IT sensor “MIHARAS” is a product that supports efficient farm management,

increases productivity, and ensures safety and security of crops.

MIHARAS Feature 1

Wide-area monitoring

・Can communicate in wide-ranging service area by using mobile network.
・Wave interference hardly occurs due to communicating by dedicated frequency band for mobile carrier.

MIHARAS Feature2

Easy set-up

・Easy storage and portability with a lightweight design.
・Ready to use sensor terminal in the farm field without setting up.

MIHARAS Feature3

Low cost

・Realize low-cost by adopting in-house development sensor.
・Can use the system at lower cost than the former 3G/LTE by NB-IoT communication.


System Configuration

Product Specification

MIHARAS for Paddy Fields

 Item Description
Structure  Outdoor installation:Cylinder type
 Power source  3 D-size primary batteries 
 Measurement range: 0~30cm 
 Measurement accuracy: ±5㎜(0-15cm)
 Measurement range: 0~40℃ 
 Measurement accuracy: ±1.2℃
 Measurement range: 0~40℃ 
 Measurement accuracy: ±1.2℃

※There are ceses where it cannot be used due to the difference of frequency band.

MIHARAS for Cultivated Lands

 Item Description
Structure  Outdoor installation: Cylinder type
 Power source  3 D-size primary batteries
 ▼ ARP Co.,Ltd.'s product: WD5-WET-SDI
 Measurement range: 
  Absolute dry(0%)~to saturation(100%)
 Measurement accuracy: 
  ±3%F.S(when 0 to 50%)
  ±10%F.S(when 50 to 100%)
 Measurement range: 0~3.5mS/cm
 Measurement accuracy: ±0.35mS/cm
 Measurement range: -10~60℃ 
 Measurement accuracy: ±1°C  

※There are ceses where it cannot be used due to the difference of frequency band.

Visualization ( Cloud system )


Can check the current value of field data. (water level, water temperature, ground temperature, temperature, humidity, etc.)



Can view the data stored in the cloud in graph format. Data can be selected by year, month, day and hour.



Alert notification is send if the deviation is observed in the set threshold. With this function abnormalities in the field can be monitored.

Installation Example

MIHARAS Installation Example
Currently, the country where MIHARAS can be sold are Japan and Taiwan.
We are considering introduction to other countries.

We will realize attractive agriculture together with users.
To that end, we will set up the IT sensor Miharas around Japan and the world, which enables users
to remotely monitor the cultivation environment and collect data on farmers’ intuition and experiences. 
We will support sustainability and development of agriculture in hopes that the existence of Miharas
indicates the farmers’ strong professional awareness and their quality products.